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Our Stratagem Intelligent Income Strategies website (StratagemIIS) is designed to work on a range of mobile device sizes, whether your phone is a touch screen, your using a keypad or trackball. When you browse via a mobile device, what you see will be tailored to the device you have in your hand.

Our mobile optimised responsive site offers full blog updates and video clips for iPhone and Android users , giving you the same content experience of our products that you’ve been able to view on the desktop site.

We’re looking to offer a very fast, easy browsing experience whatever type of device you are using and hope to extend our video service to other platforms in the future, where there is a reasonable level of demand.

We have been working hard to optimise the StratagemIIS website for your device and we are continually making improvements. If you’re are not sure whether you can access the internet on your device, please check with your mobile network provider and they will advise.

Depending on the contract you have, certain costs for accessing the internet on your phone apply – usually referred to as data charges.

If you are not sure about the potential charges for accessing the internet on your phone, please ask your mobile network provider. You may find some costs are included in your existing price plan, or that you can opt for a ‘data package’ monthly fee that gives reduced charges for accessing the internet.

If you would like to see further mobile enhancements on our site feel free to contact our friendly staff on 0330 223 1257 or email us at info@stratagemiis.co.uk

Stratagem will continue to support your business requirements for Research & Development Tax Credits, Capital Allowances and Litigation Financing. We trust that our responsible mobile platform aids our clients to stay well informed about these very specialist areas of taxation & litigation.

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