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Green Energy Tariffs for UK business


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Being green is often associated with being expensive, and enticing customers to pay more to switch to green energy tariffs has been difficult for suppliers in recent years. Currently only 1 percent of all energy customers in the UK are supplied with a green energy tariff; this low uptake has been largely driven by price or by the perceived expense of switching to a renewable energy supply.


Stratagem IIS are now able to broker competitive pricing for businesses using one of the most competitive pricing tariff’s for green energy in the UK.


Since the tariff is 100 percent renewable, it is also climate change levy (CCL) exempt, so customers don’t have to worry about paying this additional charge.

A choice between twelve and twenty-four month fixed rate business electricity contracts. UK businesses can choose between either of our two simple tariffs:

“New Energy for Business”: This is our standard tariff which is very competitive on price.

“Green Energy for Business”: This consists of 100% renewable energy and is CCL exempt.


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Brokering the Best Green Energy Tariff's for Industrial Clients

We help businesses of all sizes to reduce their energy costs. We conduct a full analysis and audit of your usage to identify if and how savings can be made.  Our dedicated team of specialists will listen to your energy requirements and tailor a personal service to help your business achieve your energy goals.

Want to know if your Industrial Tariff can be significantly reduced give ‘Joules’ the Industrial Energy Frog a call now!

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