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Forward Energy Pricing for UK Businesses

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Forward Energy Pricing for UK Business

Gas and electricity prices are now higher than ever, now is the time to review your tariff to find a good fixed-rate deal to avoid more price increases. Competitive long-term fixes are available, staving off further bill shocks for up to four winters. If you’ve never switched or haven’t switched for a long time, you might be on a ‘standard’ tariff (which are expensive) and you will almost certainly save money by switching.

As part of our on-going relationship with energy suppliers, Power Solutions UK have negotiated ‘forward pricing’ products for both gas & electricity. This enables our customers to ‘lock in’ for up to 60 months at today’s prices.
These products are proving popular with both SME & Corporate clients as unit prices can be fixed until 2019. This is viewed by many as the least risk option in the current market.

Beat the price increases and let one of our energy experts find you a better a deal today.

Request an Energy check, fill out the form today and one our business energy consultants will be in touch to see if they can help save you money on your gas and electricity bills.

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